Sunday, August 21, 2011

D23 Expo Day 2 - Random Takes From A Distance

More bits & pieces from the D23 Expo gathered from around the web..... The presentation from Walt Disney Studios was easily the highlight of Day 2 at the Expo......No electronic devices were allowed inside the Disney Studios panel......god forbid, clips of their upcoming movies make it onto YouTube.....Anyway, John Lasseter head honcho at Pixar (as well as Walt Disney Animation and few other hats that Disney hung on his head) announced 2 new Pixar projects - untitled films about dinosaurs and a trip through the human brain.....He also gave updates on the 3 Pixar films that are in various stages of production.....Brave, Monsters University (with Billy Crystal), and Planes (kind of like Cars only about, well.... planes).

Got a preview from Disney Animation's Wreck-It-Ralph which is a horrible title for a movie but the crowd loved the clip that was shown......Walt Disney Studios showed clips from John Carter on Mars and brought out the cast.......They also talked about Tim Burton's latest Disney project., an update of his short film Frankenweenie - in black and white and 3D.......sounds weird.....consider the source.

Last but not least was the chance to roll out the red carpet for Marvel Studios.  The Avengers is expected to be one of next year's biggest movies and the first Marvel production that is 100% Disney owned....Many of the cast members appeared., but the standing ovation was reserved for Robert Downey Jr. and the huge success he has had through Iron Man.....Most of the throngs of people attending the Expo are Disney people, not necesssarily Marvel fans but the Marvel segment got a very positive reception.

The other big highlight of Day 2 was the panel discussing the details of Buena Vista Street, the new walkway the enters you in to DCA.....The lessons have been learned from DCA's hideous entrance and BVS looks to give a more immersive experience similar to Main St. Disneyland.....Main focal points of BVS, the Carthay Circle Theater, a new fountain, and a small park that will be home to a new Partners statue that are offset in such a way so the grand park across the esplanade will not be seen....nice idea.....

They announced the new parade route that will start at the Tower of Terror, go down Hollywoodland around the Carthay Circle Theater (actually a high end restaurant with parade viewing dining packages), then head up towards Paradise announcement about what parade will be coming.

While many have enjoyed the Expo, you are beginning to hear about how much Disney has scaled back from the 2009 Expo with reduced seating leading to long waits in line - sometimes 2 hours or more.....and you are beginning to hear more about how the lack of new information has given way to much more mass merchandising of Disney goods.......Again, we're back to the same old D23 pay to join, pay to get into the Expo, then pay for all kinds of D23 exclusives once you are in........ $$$$$$

Model for the new DCA Partner's statue

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