Monday, August 15, 2011

Evicted! Giving the Boot to the Princess Fantasy Faire

I don't have anything against Disney princesses (well, maybe just a little bit) but I never quite got the Princess Fantasy Faire. Meet and greets are fine but the princesses were squatting on a huge piece of very valuable real estate that could be put to better  use. Use the space as it was intended as a theater or take the whole thing out and put in some kind of ride, anything but "and what is your name?". Heck, they even set up tables where kids could color. Now I don't have any small kids but the idea of taking kids to Disneyland so they could 'color' was something I never quite understood. Admission prices are steep and once in the park, we are 'on the clock'. Taking time to 'color' seemed like a poor use of resources. But that's just me.

I'll have to admit the Princess Fantasy Faire is hugely popular. A quick check on MouseWait shows the current wait time for the princess meet and greet at 48 minutes and it gets even longer than that, much longer. But not to worry, Disney is simply relocating the princesses to the seldom used Plaza Gardens area that is primarily used for social events - the area just off to the left as you walk across the Castle bridge. That seems like a fine place, a really good idea actually. Having the princesses in the shadow of Sleeping Beauty's Castle seem like the right thing to do. This is a move that I can applaud with enthusiasm even if I'm not a princess kind of guy. (The internet is filled with grown men getting their pictures take Disney princesses - it may be just me once again, but I find it kind of weird).

Anyway, the rumor is that Disney will once again put in some kind of show at the huge Fantasy Faire Theater. We may get some sort of official confirmation later this week at the D23 Expo. With everyone getting excited about Carsland next year, a few things may need to be done to prop up Disneyland as well.

Below is a picture of a view from about where the new princess meet and greet will be located if the rumor pans out. Very nice.

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