Sunday, August 7, 2011

"The Most Boring Ride in the Park"

Let's take a more up-close look at the Storybookland Canal Boats. Let's see, it's a 1955 original - there since the park opened. It was imagineered by Walt himself and his love for miniatures and topiary. It's pleasant enough, kind of cute, but as my one of my nieces once said, "it's the most boring ride in the park" to which another niece replied, "they should take it out and put in something good".  An interesting point is these remarks were made in the darkness of night. Someone said, well, you really ought to go on the ride at night. We did. It was the same - just dark.

So in my family, the Storybookland Canal Boats get beat up pretty good. I'm sure others feel the same way. But will Disney have the guts "get rid of the Storybookland Canal boats and put in something good". I doubt it. This would have to be considered a legacy attraction tied to Disneyland history and Walt Disney himself. For the multitude of people who would like to see "something better" in its place, you would find an even more vocal community protesting its removal and these are people who probably haven't been on the ride in years but know its history. As long as imagineers like Tony Baxter have their imprint in the park, the legacy of Disneyland will be safe but that sense of history also has to be passed down to imagineers of the future.

No matter how boring some things in Disneyland just need to be left alone because it just wouldn't be the same without them. And if nothing else, I wish my yard looked that good.

For those who haven't been on the Storybookland Canal Boats in years, here's a YouTube video by Dolbyman that will help you remember just how boring,, I mean..... how nice the ride is.

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