Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muckraker Journalism Disney Style - Al Lutz

Back at the turn of the century, and I'm talking about the 20th century not the 21st century of 10 years ago or so, there was a style of writing called muckraker journalism. The heyday of the muckrakers lasted until after the first world war. These journalist moved against the grain - they reported what they saw, what they felt, what was told to them by their inside sources that might have gone against the grain of more mainstream journalists, They reported their stories with a point of view, exposing truth as it really was and not what was being fed from the all powerful institutions. Muckrakers are still with us today and I'm not talking about the sleezy Fox News reporting but reporters who are willing to take on a challenge in pursuit of the truth.

The Walt Disney Company is a very secretive and tight lipped organization. For over 10 years now, one man has tried to bring us the stories of backstage Disney, both the good and the bad, and his name is Al Lutz. Ask any Disney regular who frequents forums and discussion boards and they know all about Al. Even the mainstream print and TV media go to Al for inside Disney story leads. When reporters look for a source, a true Disney watchdog, they go to Al.

While Al's writings on MiceAge.com may not be prolific, his writings are detailed, thorough and give a point of view. He is not a rumor monger though some of his inside stories never do materialize, his predictions often hit the Disney nail on the head. And Al always has a point of view. Some may not like it, but it absolutely cannot be ignored if you are a Disney fan.

As I write this blog, I think about Al. Writing isn't always about truth. Writing is sometimes about writing and stating you thoughts, ideas, and opinions that for the reader is both thought provoking and enjoyable. That's Al's hope I'm sure and mine too.

I don't know Al Lutz. He could have been one of the many people who have kicked me in the back of the foot while they are trying to get around me as I walk around the park. I do know that Al's writings are a must read. Here is his latest from today MiceAge - Al Lutz

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