Monday, August 22, 2011

Now Back To This Fantasy Faire Thing....

Disney Conceptual Art for the Fantasy Faire
A few posts back I talked about the rumor that the Princess Fantasy Faire would be moving from its current location in the cavernous Fantasyland Theater, to a new location in the underutilized Carnation Plaza which is just off to the left side of the Castle when entering. This rumor was indeed confirmed at the D23 Expo and in fact, may have been the only newsworthy item concerning Disneyland itself.  Anyway, a week ago I applauded the move so the huge theater space could be put to better use.

Now comes the Disney forum posters with a slightly different take which I didn't consider. Tom Staggs said in his presentation about the new Fantasy Faire (the word Princess seems to have been dropped) that it allowed Disneyland imagineers the opportunity to "expand the boundaries of Fantasyland".  So now the question for many is, "is that a good thing?"  For the traditionalists, the Carnation Plaza, underutilized as it is, seems to be just an extension of Main St.  To move Fantasyland theming in front of the Castle intrudes on good ol' Disneyland Main St.  Not only that, the current Carnation Plaza butts right up against Frontierland and there is space to transition.  If they extend Fantasyland to butt right up against Frontierland, there may be no room for transitioning space.  The change from land to land would be abrupt rather than subtle.

Those are valid points but in the end, Disney will do what Disney now plans to do.  All you can do is trust that they are on top of their game and it all works out for the best.

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