Monday, August 22, 2011

Yeah.....I Can See a Bakery Here

Plaza Pavilion - A Disney Parks Blog Photo
The last time I set foot in this building it had something to do with an annual pass.  Well, the annual pass centers have been booted out of both parks and into the regular ticket booths out front.  The Plaza Pavilion is now boarded up and stands ready to be converted into a Mary Poppins themed bakery set to open winter 2012.  The popular Blue Ribbon Bakery down on Main St. will close up shop early next year at which time it will make room for a new indoor seating section of the popular Carnation Cafe.  All this shuffling around really does make a lot of sense.

The Blue Ribbon Bakery wasn't all that big to begin with so you got your muffin and coffee and hit the road looking a place to enjoy you breakfast or snack. There is no seating in the Blue Ribbon Bakery. For many people, you just took your muffin and coffee and walked up to the Plaza Pavilion which had plenty of outdoor seating with tables and chairs but was being used as an annual pass center. So the bakery switcherroo makes perfect sense all the way around. Mary Poppin's theming? Why not, it kind of fits in with the neighborhood.

To be fair, I think you need to use the term bakery rather loosely. I do think Blue Ribbon baked their sweet rolls on the premises but much of Disney baking for all dining establishments is done in a large scale facility just off property.

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