Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favorite Disneyland Traveler Posts From 2011

Back toward late December or the earlier part of this month when everyone was giving their "Best of 2011" lists, I was missing in action mired in my holiday funk. Doing better now so what's below are some or my favorite posts from The Disney Lands in 2011. There is a Top 10 on the right side of the blog page but those are the most popular with this blogs readers (and how that Monsters Inc post stays near the top is beyond me). Some of my favorites are in the Top 10 favorites but some are not. 

Here we go - 

For a little dig at Disney Parks creative ways to price gouge you enjoy - "One Popcorn Please"..."That'll Be $15.50".

For a tip of the hat to Disney's efforts to promote patriotism here is Memorial Day .

Yeah, it's only a re-post of a Disney produced YouTube video but what a video it was - at only about a minute and a half long, it may have been the most fun thing of any kind I watched all year. I wish Darth Vader's trip to Disneyland was an hour and a half long. Enjoy Star Tours Now Open .

The other side of people going on trips to Disneyland, those who simply cannot afford to go - "Momma, Can We Go To Disneyland?" .

In a somewhat reflective frame of mind here is Memories and Mortality .

Why I may have taken my last ride on the Tower of Terror - Hollywood Tower of Anxiety .

My futile efforts of getting in on Disney collectibles is explored in  The Disney Collectible Curmudgeon

The title speaks for itself - The Story of a Mean Ol' Castmember .

One of my favorites is also favorite of reader's of this blog. Good choice - Disneyland Magic For Everyone .

My never ending quest to find out why people of such an attachment to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - Can Someone Explain Mr. Toad?

Is it possible to have fun all by yourself in Disneyland gets explored in Alone In Disneyland .

A little humorous, a little sentimental the popular - The Tiki Room Is Not An Excuse To Eat Ice Cream .

Part commentary, part rant ... A Kinder, Gentler Disneyland .

Another family reflection Frontierland and a Circle of Rocks

So there are a few of my favorites in 2011, if nothing else, it gives a quick snapshot into what The Disney Lands is all about. I have many more favorites in 2011 of course but I'll stick with these at the top of my list. The blogging software tells me I made 188 posts to the blog in 2011 and I only started in late May. Maybe Disneyland takes far too much of my thinking. Then again.....

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