Saturday, January 14, 2012

John Carter Trailer - Trying To Keep An Open Mind

I say to myself "Self, try to keep an open mind, try to keep an open mind, try to keep an open mind...." but I got to say from the TV ads and trailers that are coming out to promote the Disney John Carter movie, the film looks dreadful beyond words. This movie cost Disney an estimated $250,000,000 to make (that's a quarter of a billion dollars folks). It's success (or failure) will probably shape how Disney will handle big budget films going forward (already seen last year when Disney shut down production The Lone Ranger when its cost began to escalate beyond the 200 million mark and Disney made a statement to the films producers to get the costs in line). Anyway, below is a John Carter trailer from YouTube. You be the judge. Is that a Led Zeppelin orchestral soundtrack?

Word to remember - "You are ugly but you are beautiful". What the....? What would Walt think? Just askin'.

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