Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cars Land Gets Its Opening Day

Cars Land Enhanced Publicity Artwork - Disney Parks Blog
According to MiceAge's Al Lutz, Disney has its target opening day for Cars Land and the relaunch of the much improved Disney California Adventure as June 15 (with a media day scheduled for June 14). This should also include most of Buena Vista Street though it seems completion of that area of the park by June 15th is a little more problematical.  Helped by a dry California winter and unseasonably warm temperatures, DCA construction projects have been motoring on at a very high rate of speed.

This summer is going to be absolutely huge for the Disneyland Resort - perhaps record breaking. The economy seems to be picking up, the publicity machine for DCA and Cars Land is most impressive, and it seems that most Disney fans can't wait.  Well, this one can for a bit.  So beginning June 15 I can begin to work on my dream of having a nickel for every time a variation of the following line is uttered within the confines the Disneyland Resort - "Man, it's crowded in here".

So the cynical side of me is also beginning to think about a basic law of economics - supply and demand.  For the DCA relaunch the demand to get into the place will probably exceed the physical space available for quite awhile.  Ka-Ching!  Around April or May seems to be about a perfect time to up the admission and annual passholder prices.  Not fair you say? Sure it is, it's the corporate America way.

Back to that Radiator Springs Racers poster at the top of this post - I still prefer my cars not to have faces on them.  I'm still trying the get the stench of wasting two hours of my life watching Cars 2.  The movie was so bad (except the visual aspects of it) that Pixar should probably be ashamed of itself for releasing a piece of garbage like that.  This is the same company that has given up Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3 (all academy award winners) the last 3 years.  Cars 2 couldn't sniff an academy award if it tried.  So now Disney has a land dedicated to the Cars franchise.  Oh, it will be successful, but can it be sustainable 5, 10, 15 years into the future?  Fortunately (strange choice of words here), one of the downfalls of the movie Cars 2 was its lack of time actually spent in the charming desert town of Radiator Springs.  Now, Disney has built a remarkable replica of Radiator Springs the town right inside of DCA.  The rest of the Cars 2 mess - too much of a silly hick named Larry the Cable Guy, not enough Owen Wilson and the rest of characters, and Paul Newman died.

Paul Newman was the heart and soul of the first Cars movie.  My hope for the new Cars Land midst its slick commercialism and mass merchandising is Disney somehow honors the memory of Doc Hudson (the Paul Newman character).  DCA, Cars Land, is going to be a zoo this summer, hopefully there is a little bit of heart.

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