Friday, February 17, 2012

Minnie's Fly Girls Debuts Today at DCA

Minnie's Fly Girls Song & Dance Show at DCA - Disney Parks Blog Photo
Disney Parks Blog just posted that today is the opening of the Minnie's Fly Girl song and dances show at Disney California Adventure park in the Condor Flats area (across of Soarin'). Great, another DCA pop up show I can see once then move on.

That sounds a bit sarcastic. Actually, a small show that provides entertainment from one of Disney's classic characters would be a welcomed addition and I believe would be far better received by the Disney public than the song and dance shows based on Disney Channel shows that have limited popularity and are often the subject of ridicule (i.e. High School Musical). A mini-Minnie show might just hit a welcomed spot.

Who's the lucky guy that gets to appear in the Fly Girls show?

Minnie's Fly Girls - A Disney Parks Blog Photo

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