Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Sunday...Saved By A One Eyed Monster

It's Oscar Sunday the day Hollywood types get together in some degree of formality and give themselves little trophies.  Of course, most people will have never seen or plan to see the big winners of tonight's Awards.  Most (but not all) years its like that.  This year, with a lack of blockbuster movies up for trophies, the Academy brings back its' best host for the show - Billy Crystal.  Charming, witty, and an incredible gift for coming up with fall of the chair funny ab libs makes Billy the best thing to watch over the hours of tedium.  Billy has been in several movies himself of course but none bigger his voice over role as Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc. (and the upcoming Monsters University).

Maybe there is a low level technical award that a Disney movie has a nomination for - I'm not sure.  This hasn't been a banner year for Disney movies.  I believe The Muppets will have a token offering with a best song nomination and it gives Kermit and Miss Piggy their chance to make an always welcome appearance to the festivities.  It's only fair since ABC is the home network for the Oscars and ABC is owned by Disney who also own The Muppets.

Pixar will finally lose their stranglehold on the Oscar for Best Animated Feature after years of success.  Their Cars 2 offering in 2011 wasn't even nominated and rightly so.  Cars 2 was so bad that John Lasseter and his Pixar pals should actually be ashamed of themselves.

Disney's biggest contribution to a highly nominated well received film that goes up for Awards tonight comes from The Help, a Dreamworks produced movie but is distributed by Disney.

I don't know if I'll be watching tonight.  Like I said earlier, I will if Mrs. DisneylandTraveler makes me (which is a good possibility).  Besides, there's nothing else on TV worth watching. I'm hoping for an Academy Award to go Woody Allen and his wonderful Midnight in Paris movie.  Of course, Woody won't be there.  The NBA All-Star game is also on tonight and Woody will be at home watching that instead.  He has his priorities.

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