Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Tiny Disneyland Tradition

People have all kinds of Disneyland traditions (even superstitions) when they make a trip to the park.  These are things one feels they must absolutely have to do each and every time they visit Disneyland.  It's a topic certainly worth exploring in this blog.  For now I'll mention my tiny Disneyland tradition.  Every time we travel down to Disneyland, I'll always stop by the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner to get a real cherry coke.  This isn't that concoction that Coke sells already mixed for you.  This is the old school stuff where a coke dispensed from a fountain gets significantly enhanced by a pump of cherry syrup (additional charge of course). Just plain old fashion good stuff.  It's the only place in either park that serves it.

Which brings me to a trip a few years back where I showed up a the Refreshment Corner counter and asked for a cherry coke.  "We're out of cherry syrup.  Would you like raspberry or vanilla?"  Huh?  I tried the raspberry but it's just not the same.  Not even close.  So I went back to the Refreshment Corner the next day and asked for my cherry coke. New cast member - same response - "We're all out of cherry flavoring".  I think I stopped by the Refreshment Corner 4 or 5 times that trip and got the same "Sorry, we're out" each time.  Are you kidding me?  This is Disneyland.  This is a place that produces bushels full of umbrellas and panchos in sunny California if two drops of water fall from the sky.  How can Disneyland be out of anything, ever?  

This is all kind of a backdrop because the Coca Cola Refreshment Corner is do to open up here any day after being closed several weeks for a refurbishment and people will be lining up once again for the Disneyland tradition of an old fashioned cherry coke and maybe listen to a little ragtime piano that plays on the patio right outside.  I'm sure they will be plenty of cherry syrup available. 

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