Monday, April 16, 2012

Iron Man 3 Goes (Far) East

Iron Man 3 is set to begin filming later this year.  Today, Disney announced that they have brought in DMG Entertainment to co-produce the latest episode in the Iron Man franchise.  Disney has also announced that there will be Chinese elements to the casting and story line of the movie.  Why?  Because DMG Entertainment is a Chinese film company.  Not one to overlook a growing market that has barely been tapped, Disney (along with other movie studios and production companies) has set its sights on the potential of a huge new population of ticket buyers that live in China and other countries in the Far East.  While the American movie box receipts have dropped the last two years, China's has significantly increased and Disney like any smart business company wants a piece of the action.  No word on whether Iron Man 3 will actually shoot scenes in China but don't be surprised to see the human weapon of mass destruction fly through the skylines of Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong.

The construction of Shanghai Disneyland was announced 2 years ago.  Disney's partnership with that vast and now quite wealthy country continues to grow.  Robert Downey Jr., Gwyenth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle are all returning for the third installment.

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