Friday, April 20, 2012

Walt Disney Studios Chief Rich Ross - Whacked

Well, who out there didn't see this coming?  Disney announced today that its Walt Disney Studios Chief Rich Ross is stepping down effective immediately.  Rich believed he was no longer the "correct fit" for the job he wrote in a statement announcing his resignation.  More likely Disney CEO Bob Iger and Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo told ol' Rich that he really didn't "fit" in with their plans after he was the main guy responsible for the debacle now known as John Carter.  You might even throw in John Lasseter in the mix as a co-conspirator in Ross's ousting.

Something had to be done.  Someone had to fall.  Bob and Jay will hold a conference call in a few weeks that will spill out Disney's huge loss on Carter.  Investors don't take big losses lightly.  They want answers.  They want solutions.  That ususally starts with the main guy in charge of the problem getting whacked at the knees and drug to the door.  So ends the career of Rich Ross at Disney.  Bob wished Rich well in his future endeavors (which is probably true as long as his future endeavors take him far, far, away from Disney).

The way studio chiefs have fallen at Disney the last few years, its not hard to imagine Bob Iger as a Darth Vader clutching the throat of his current guy while making a bunch of nervous executives tugging at their collars wet themselves wondering if they are going to get that tap on the shoulder that may make them the next victim.

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