Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

So here we are - Memorial Day 2011 - the official kickoff for summer fun. Yep, our friends at Disneyland have big plans for us in their parks over the next few months. But before we get to all that - let's stop a moment and remember this day.

One of the pastors in church yesterday made the comment that Memorial Day is the most solemn of all American holidays - a day which began after the Civil War where Union Soldiers gathered to honor and remember their fallen comrades in arms and has been extended to remember all those who have given their lives in service to their country in battles for freedom around the world.

I have to give Disneyland credit here. For all its sometimes crass commercialism, Disneyland does take time out to give proper honor and respect to country, flag, and the spirit of American patriotism.  This has been the tradition started by Walt Disney himself. Though I am hundreds of miles away from Disneyland today, I know all the red, white, and blue bunting is out in full force on Main Street. The Disneyland Band will have their full compliment of patriotic anthems added to their repertoire to perform throughout the day and at 4:30 this afternoon, just like its done every day, they will gather around the flagpole, generally in front of a fairly small group of people, and do their duty in the flag retreat ceremony.

Too many people miss this time honored Disneyland event in their never ending quest for fun and thrills just like they do by walking by Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the Disneyland Opera House in a rush to get to Space Mountain. Just stop a minute people and take a look around, you just may find a little bit of patriotic spirit in the midst of theme park nirvana.

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