Saturday, May 28, 2011

"One Popcorn, Please"..."That'll Be $15.50"

There is an old episode of The Simpsons where Homer, trying to save the admission price" hops the wall at what appears to be Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  With only the wall visible, the next voice you hear is Homer, proud that he beat the cost of getting in, walking up to a churro cart and saying, "One churro please."  Without a beat, the response from the vendor is "That'll be 14 dollars". And so out comes the "D'oh!!!".

As my wife and I walk around Disneyland Resort, and money somehow seems to magically fly out of our pockets, we chuckle about Homer's despair over the price of a churro (note: they are not $14). So now comes the grand opening of Star Tours at Disney World's Hollywood Studios and in another week, Disneyland. And what do have here - a souvenir popcorn bucket that sells for..... $15.50.  So, I figure it's about 8 cents for the popcorn.  Maybe another buck or so for the plastic.  That leaves the rest for Disney and George Lucas to pad their already well padded pockets. Nice looking bucket though.....

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