Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Disneyland Bucket List - Item #3

I have to admit, I'm happy to stand in line for a brew or two over at the Karl Strauss Beer Wagon in DCA (Red Trolley Ale - outstanding). Look forward to visiting the latest beer stand over in Paradise Pier that serves the equally tasty Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA. And I enjoy a nice glass of (way overpriced) wine with my meal at Wine Country Trattoria.  But I have yet to spend a little time on a warm afternoon or evening enjoying a cold, refreshing, fruity cocktail at the Cover Bar overlooking the water at Paradise Pier. There are a couple of reasons for this of course, 1) Mrs. DisneylandTraveler doesn't drink at all (but I know I could sell her on the idea of an icy virgin strawberry daiquiri which she really does enjoy especially if its warm outside) and 2) A couple of cocktails at the Cove Bar is going dent the wallet and Mrs. DLT would be thinking to herself if not outright saying "I could be spending this money in a store buying souvenirs".  So because of this, I really haven't pushed the issue just yet.  I think of this currently because the Cove Bar is under refurbishment wraps until I believe June but as of today, I'm not going to longingly stare into but pass by the place on my next visit.  I'm going in.  Enjoying a beverage at the Cove Bar is officially on My Disneyland Bucket list with or without Mrs. DLT.

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