Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Muppets Props

It seemed like I was always making something
for Rizzo and his Rat Pals
Here was a cheese dinner
Here a Cool Drum Set...
The bass drum had blinking lights in it...
Your standard drum set ...
And even one set for the Rastafarian Rat!
Little weapons!
these were fun to carve!
and they shot smoke.
Things falling on someones head was always funny!
These are plastic frying pans !
Always funny to drop Bowling balls on someone!!!
Foam rubber of course !
Big Weight... Big Laugh!
But my Favorites was for Rowlf the Dog!
I had make a Baby Grand out of foam...
just like Rowlf's piano, to drop on someones head!
Here they are... Mines on top!
My last week, I gathered up my Favorite Muppets and got a picture with them!
Somethings you just look back on and are glad you took the time to do...
This photo is the best thing I did!
Working for the Muppets, was like
working at the park in the late 70's and early 80's....
Pure FUN!
You just knew that the job you were doing
was making a lot of people HAPPY!

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