Monday, January 9, 2012

Let The Memories .... End

Disney Parks promotion for the last year has been titled "Let the Memories Begin". Not one of its most dynamic park promotions to be sure but this past year has been a successful one at Disneyland even as the economy continued to struggle. Park attendance has been up, hotel bookings have been up, even spending at the resort has been up - all good things for Disney accountants and shareholders. So the "Let the Memories Begin" promotion has been pretty inconsequential. Now the Memories promotion will continue until the new summer promotion hits the TV commercials and spot ads mostly like directing you to Cars Land and the all new Disney California Adventure Park but the transition has already begun to take place with the removal of the huge Disneyland - Let The Memories Begin float that has sat out in the esplanade for the last year or so.

The float's removal today is hardly news worthy other than I probably have 20 pictures of the thing sitting in my Disney photo collection all taken by Mrs. DisneylandTraveler. I guess she rather liked it. Now the photos are just a memory as well.

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