Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Disney California Adventure Finds Elegance

Carthay Circle Theater and Fountain - Disney California Adventure Park
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

Look at that stunning picture above. Disney Parks Blog posted the photo with a piece about what to enjoy in Disney California Adventure Park. Forget about that - Disney Parks Blog is pretty much an effort in self-promotion and merchandising. Look at the picture. When was the last time you could use the word 'elegant' when talking (or writing) about DCA? Probably not ever. I never went into Wolfgang Puck or Robert Mondavi's restaurants when were around when DCA first threw open its doors open. Maybe they were elegant. DCA was so badly ridiculed back then that nobody ever thought of elegance no matter how nice the high end restaurants were. Those restaurants were gone within a year after it became clear that DCA was something of a joke and a far cry from grand park that Walt built across the way.

It's all changed now. Cars Land is fun and charming and Buena Vista Street oozes with nostalgic elegance. Good job Disney not that they need a pat on the back from me. It's been noted that this past week (not by Disney of course) that attendence for DCA has exceeded Disneyland on certain days - something that has never happened before which must have executives dancing in their offices and sleeping well at night.. I can see why. I could just stare at that picture all day (but I'm at work and it would probably not go over very well unless I worked for Disney).

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