Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revisiting the Haunted Mansion & the Hatbox Ghost Mystery

While I was looking at YouTube videos produced by The Disneyland History Institute ( yesterday, I had forgotten about one of their more famous videos that was extremely popular awhile back with Disneyland fan websites. In this video, DHI explores the mystery of the legendary Hatbox Ghost, perhaps the most memorable Haunted Mansion character that doesn't appear in the ride at all. The mystery of the Hatbox Ghost is one of those behind the scenes things that makes Disneyland so amazing. The Hatbox Ghost appeared in Haunted Mansion publicity images, in books, and on HM cover art, but he never existed in the attraction itself. Or did he?

Here is where the Disneyland History Institute steps in and gives their take on the mystery of the Hatbox Ghost and provides visual evidence that yes, for a very brief time, the legendary ghost was present in the attraction. For fans of Disneyland history, this is a great video.

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