Monday, June 4, 2012

Mrs. DLT Bursts My Bucket List Bubble

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And there you have it. My Disney Bucket List Item #4 is a visit to the new Carthay Circle Theater Restaurant. So Mrs. DisneylandTraveler walks over to me yesterday and says "You know, I'm not really seeing anything on that menu that is appealing to me. There's the burger, but I'm not paying $22.00 for a burger!".

"What about the appetizers?" I ask, "There's got to be an appetizer or salad that's appealing to you".

"Nope" is all she said shaking her head, walking away.

So begins the test of wills and the battle of wits. It's been going on for 14 years now. The battle between someone who want to try new and different things vs. the person who almost never wants to try new and different things. I'm sure I will get her to go at some point but she won't go willingly. Every step of the way heading to our table she'll be thinking about the vile mushrooms, or olives, or goat cheese they may try to slip in on her order.

Then again, I can always make my call ahead dine time and request a table for one.

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