Saturday, June 2, 2012

TRON: Uprising Indeed

The TRON: Uprising Mobile Studio
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

I can't get rid of this thing and Disney just won't seem to let it go. Please note this is only the personal opinion of the aging Disneyland Traveler and maybe an opinion not shared by those who are younger and more hip, as the kids used to like to say. Once again, the Disney franchise known as TRON is resurfacing to needle my existence.

The original TRON movie in the early 80's, while a clever original concept, was poorly executed. The movie was nonsensical and not very well received by critics and movie audiences. Guess what? Disney tried again a few years ago and once again produced a movie that was nonsensical for many and at best, marginally profitability. The clamoring to put up a TRON attraction in Tomorrowland died down a bit after the movie came out and fell on its face. But Disney tried and planted the nighttime street party known as ElecTRONica in DCA for an almost 2 year run. For someone like me, it was an assault on my senses saved only by an appearance of a pretty cool Laserman.

But here it comes, back again, a new animated TV show on the Disney xD channel called TRON: Uprising. While TRON fans (and they do exist) can't wait, I've got an uprising for you, an uprising of one called the Disneyland Traveler who is just a bit weary of having TRON forced down my throat. Yeah, it's a little extreme. To promote TRON: Uprising Disney has put together a pretty cool truck and trailer rig that features a mobile viewing theater where people can look at previews for the new show. It's due to set up a position in Downtown Disney Anaheim later this week.

But life is full of choice, and my choice is, while I had hopes for the reboot of the TRON franchise, I have been pretty dissappointed with what has been delivered. My choice is to go out of my way to avoid anything TRON related until I actually hear that Disney may finally be on to something.

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