Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn In The Air

What's that old Phil Collins song? Oh yeah, "I can feel it - Coming in the air tonight - Hold on....".  What's coming?  Fall, Autumn, whatever you prefer to call it.  It's coming.  Like Phil, I can feel it.  Back here at the old homestead it was well in the 90's two days ago, dropped into the low 80's by yesterday, and by Monday, a mere two days from now, it will be raining and in the 60's.  Sounds like good Disneyland park weather to me.

Before we move on to October, Autumn, and our Disneyland march to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, let's take a quick look back.  October marks the start of month 5 of The Disney Lands.  Last month shattered records in the number of people who took the time to look at this blog.  In August there were 802 readers of The Disneyland Traveler.  In September, there were 1399 people who viewed this blog for some reason or another.  Again, I don't have the slightest idea of who reads this thing but I am grateful for everyone who does.  Maybe its the common bond of enjoying one of our favorite places and all things Disney or maybe you just fell in here by accident.  I do hope you enjoy at least some of the things you see.  In the end, hopefully there is some entertainment value.

On a couple of topics I covered last week, here are some follow-ups.

Regarding the carpet malfunction at Aladdin, performances of the show did continue albeit without the Whole New World flying carpet above the the audience.  Easily, the highlight of the show, but the show did go on even without the 'oooh's' and 'ahhh's' of the flying carpet.

Regarding Avatar theming coming to Disney parks.  More and more people in the know seem to think that Disney in Florida is making a big move to combat the popularity of Universal's Harry Potter park.  Disney 's Animal Kingdom needed something big (similar to Carsland in DCA) and having a land based on the biggest movie of all time seemed like a safe bet, albeit an odd choice to be sure.  The future of Avatar in Disney parks beyond Animal Kingdom will probably extend to the parks of China and possibly Japan.  No one seems to see anything remotely connected with Avatar showing up in California or Paris anytime soon.

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