Monday, October 24, 2011

The Feral Cats of Disneyland

Fantasyland Skyway station stairs - Spot of a fereal cat sighting

It's a little sad around the Disneyland Traveler's house this morning. One of our 3 cats, Herbie, sometime most likely last evening got outside. We keep our cats indoors because we live in a very busy neighborhood traffic wise and its just safer for them.

Herbie has snuck out before but its probably been a few years now. He always makes his way back home after a few days though we usually have to coax him back into the house through bribery. We got Herbie about 4 years ago. He was what is known as a feral cat. He lived around our son's school and rather than seeing kids feed the cat left over bologna sandwiches, our son decided to bring him home. A quick visit to the vet turned up that Herbie was shot with a BB gun at one point and the BB is still lodged under his skin. Other than that, he was neutered and in good health. We had a new member of the family.  Herbie is laid back and mellow for the most part never meaning to cause a ruckus of any kind.  He's a good guy and hopefully he comes back soon.

Which brings me to the feral cats of Disneyland. Have you ever seen one of Disneylands many feline residents? By some estimates there are around 200 feral cats that patrol Disneyland. Rather than get rid of them, cast members that work at Disneyland's Circle D ranch have partnered with the cats for one important purpose. Cats being cats, they go on patrol at night to take care of any potential unwanted rodents. In return, Circle D spays and neuters the cats that live at the park and make sure any kittens are sent to local animal centers for adoption. Circle D also provides 5 cat feeding stations around both Disneyland and DCA. 

Though the shy cats are seldom seen by the massive crowds during the day, every once in awhile, you get lucky and get a chance to see one just passing by.  I have seen a Disneyland feral cat 3 times - once just wandering by the Monsters Inc. ride in DCA, once over behind the Hungry Bear restaurant, and once on the closed off stairway that leads up to the old Skyway station in Fantasyland (pictured above). It is kind of an amusing startling sight when you see one. The feral cats of Disneyland are a resourceful bunch. Let's hope Herbie is too.

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