Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where The Corn Dog Is King

My friend Mike sent me this picture after he returned from his trip to Disneyland a few weeks back. It caught my eye. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because after a lengthy closure during the construction of the adjacent Little Mermaid and Goofy's Sky School attractions, it's good to see the Corn Dog Castle back in action once again. The original Paradise Pier missed the boat on so many things in its original construction but not on the enormously popular Corn Dog Castle. The huge dogs, thickly battered, and deep fried to oily perfection became almost legendary. Arguments ensued over who made the better corn dog - Disneyland's Little Red Wagon or Disney California Adventure's Castle. I'd take either of them over any other corn dog I have ever eaten. I haven't been back to the Corn Dog Castle since it re-opened at the beginning of summer but seeing this picture reminds me that a visit to CCC has to be on my 'must-do' list the next time I make it down to the park.

Of course there is always a bit of a snag. The corn dogs from CCC are big enough to split. In fact, it is probably a wise thing to do considering what must be the enormous calorie, cholesterol, and sodium counts found their goodness. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and I have split corn dogs from the Castle on a number of occasions. But the time has come to step out on the edge. You see, CCC also batters up and deep fries a hot link. I'm a hot link kind of guy unfortunately, Mrs. DLT doesn't step out on edge all that often (if at all). I got to have a plan. I've got to make a scheme, to get the link when she is not around. I've got time to work out the details of my master plan I suppose.

My friend Mike also sent me a picture of his dog before he went down the evil path of going against every doctor's orders of not to consume anything of this nature. He also ordered the apples instead of the bag of chips. As I've mentioned before - how good it is for Disney to offer a healthy alternative to accompany a thousand or more calories of heart seizing deliciousness. After eating one of those corn dogs, I somehow feel that eating bag of chips just isn't going to matter. The advantage of the sliced apples is that they somehow cut the pool full of grease that resides in your stomach after eating the corn dog.

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