Saturday, October 8, 2011

Conversion Of A Halloween Hater

Regular readers of this blog know I am a Halloween hater from way back. Just never cared for what people try to pass off as some kind of 'holiday'. It's not. And if you really want to get me going, start talking about Disneyland's separate admission Mickey's Halloween Party that takes place every Tuesday and Friday nights starting last week up through Halloween. And by separate admission I'm talking about the $50 or $60 it takes to get into the park outside regular admission. 'Highway robbery' they used to say.

But you know, I've never been to a Mickey's Halloween Party. I don't know what goes on in there. Thanks to some outstanding photograph's in the this week's edition of MiceAge/MiceChat's In The Parks feature, I may be able to change my tune about Mickey's party. It looks like loads of fun. Worth the extra 60 bucks? Well, just maybe it is. Enjoy the pictures from the link below.

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