Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes A Young Person's Heart Is In The Right Place

Young people, teenagers, etc. wandering in and around Disneyland sometimes get a bad rap. I read a post in a Disney forum a week or so ago that made the contention that teenagers (with Annual Passports) treat the park more like a shopping mall to hang out in rather giving the park the respect it deserves. There is some truth to this as sometimes the rudeness and selfishness of the young can rear its unpleasant head (there are plenty of people way old enough to know better than to behave badly as well to be fair). But every once in awhile you see the sweetness and joy of young people enjoying life. The video (below) has been making its way around YouTube for the last 10 days or so and shows a young man proposing to his long time girlfriend through a flash mob in Downtown Disney. The video is such an enormous hit on YouTube that Disney invited to couple to be into Disneyland for some very special pictures to commemorate their engagement posted an entry into Disney Parks Blog making sure not to miss out on some very nice publicity. It's all very sweet.

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