Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Closer Look At - Mickey's House

If you think Mickey's House in ToonTown is just a place to take your kids for a meet and greet with the mouse himself, guess again. Mickey's House is a Disney delight for young and old, charmingly themed, colorful, whimsical, interesting, and brilliantly imagineered. Indeed, adult visitors to the park have little use for ToonTown EXCEPT the great Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin dark ride and Mickey's House. An adult Disneyland guest that visits the parks frequently doesn't need to stop by Mick's place on every visit but every once in awhile, it is a real treat reminding you what it is to be young again and remembering that "it all started with a mouse".

At the end of the self-paced house tour, providing he isn't out and about somewhere else in Disneyland (supposedly characters are not allowed to be in two places at the same time in the park so schedules are rigidly set up and computerized) Mickey's House provides the best photo opportunity for the classic Mickey Mouse photograph with both an official Disneyland photo (available for purchase of course) or just take your own. Mickey will also sign autograph books. It's funny, he signed the autograph books for my great niece and nephew. I looked at the autograph, that was girl's handwriting for sure. It should also be pointed out that Minnie's House is right next door. It is considerably smaller that Mickeys.

Again, thanks to Asianjma123 and his fantastic YouTube videos, you too can take take a walk through Mickey's House. Have fun.

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