Monday, May 7, 2012

Indiana Jones & the Juxtaposition of Life

I got up out of bed yesterday morning, let the dogs out, made some coffee, worked on this blog a little and proceeded to spend the rest of the day watching NBA playoffs, some NASCAR racing, and even got a little baseball in. Sometime late in the afternoon, tiring of wall to wall sporting events on TV, I began to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark that I had sitting on my DVR recorded a few weeks ago.

So while I'm sitting there watching Indy's greatest adventure I get a text message from my sister at Disneyland saying her and her husband were on their way over to the Indiana Jones Adventure to use their fastpass. And there it is - I'm watching Indiana Jones on TV, my sister is walking over to IJA in Disneyland for a for different Indy experience. Such is the juxtaposition of life. Who would you rather be?

I probably exchanged 150 text messages with my sister yesterday as she made her way around Disneyland. She got a late start and didn't even get in the park until after 11 (it opened at 9:00am). So while I'm sitting around being a sporting vegetable my sister sends me a picture of Winnie the Pooh from the meet and greet outside of Splash Mountain for which she was getting in line. From Splash, she went to the Pooh ride, then Haunted Mansion, Pirates, then used their first Indiana Jones fastpass, got off the ride and got another IJA fastpass. She then went to the Tiki Room, got a pineapple float (and whip), headed to the Jungle Cruise, and then it was over to Billy Hill grabbing a couple of corn dogs and fries from the Stage Door Cafe before the show. Somewhere in there she also texted me a picture of the Safari Skewer, the bacon wrapped asparagus from the Bengal Bar-B-Que, a personal favorite of mine.

After the show, they went and grabbed Thunder Mountain Railroad fastpasses then headed to Tomorrowland for Buzz, a monorail ride, a fastpasses for Star Tours (they must of been hitting the machines just right because they now had fastpasses for 3 attractions). With exhaustion setting in, they went back to the River Belle Terrace to grab a table for Fantasmic stopping off to use their fastpasses for Indiana Jones before squatting the table which is the time she texted me while I was watching Indiana Jones on TV.

If she would have asked I would have warned her but she went over to Rancho del Zacalo to get a Chicken Taco Salad and the Carne Asada Enchilladas to bring all the way back to their table at the River Belle. She said the salad was horrible, way to spicy, and generally not good so she said she ended up throwing most of it away and complained about the waste of money it was. Like I said, if she would have asked, I would have warned her. I have never enjoyed a meal from Rancho del Zacalo and don't even bother going there anymore. Too many better choices.

So they watched Fantasmic, but now cold and tired, they walked over the Thunder Mountain Railroad to ride the coaster as the fireworks shot off overhead - way cool she said. From there it was over to Star Tours and getting off that, she said the Nemo wait was only a few minutes so for the last ride of the night was a sub ride - exhaustion, soreness, hotel, bed.

She crammed a lot of action into her first Disneyland day (and she's there for a week) while I sat here and jealously followed her almost every step of via text messages and pictures. It was almost like I was at Disneyland. No it wasn't.

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