Friday, May 18, 2012

I Prefer My Monorails To Not Have Faces - Thank You

There are few moving vehicles on earth as cool looking as a Disneyland Mark VII monorail. There were rumors going around that they would "wrap" one of them to promote the opening of Cars Land similar to what was done with a Disney World monorail promoting the Avengers and TRON:Legacy movies. Since those monorails are an older generation and 3000 miles away, I didn't really care. But please leave the beautiful Mark VII's alone.

Well not quite. They didn't give the Disneyland monorails a complete wrap job but they did give all 3 of them a face. A face..... ugh! I don't like it but I'm also not around to really be bothered by it. But still, cool became silly. I would expect the smiling faces to be around through the summer as crowds pack Cars Land but hopefully by the time I make my next trip to Disneyland someone will have wiped that silly smile clean off and order has been restored to the universe.

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