Thursday, May 10, 2012

ABC's Modern Family Disneyland Episode

Modern Family - photo from

I'm not a regular viewer of network television anymore (unlike when I was a kid when your life seemed to regimented around what night your favorite shows were on). There are a few network shows usually record on my DVR to watch at a time that is more convenient, shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Simpsons. That's about it for me and network television. Mostly I'm a sports guy, a food channel guy, a travel channel guy, and a history channel guy (back in the day when they actually showed shows about history). I've watched ABC's (a Disney owned network) Modern Family on occasion. It wins so many awards, I had to give it a try but after watching it a few times, I can take it or leave it - mostly leave it.

But I had to watch the show last night because the whole cast did most of the show filmed in Disneyland.  Of  the 22 minutes of actual film time that are available to a 30 minute show, I would say about 15 minutes of show was done in Disneyland and it was nice to see the old girl on network television once again.

A few things stood out, a ride on Thunder Mountain Railroad, a ride on Dumbo, Lincoln, Dapper Dans on Main St., a Splash Mountain splash, and corn dogs in Fantasyland (?). As I think about it, the thing that bothered me about the filming was the camera angles. Since Modern Family is a script based show with actors naturally the camera has to focus on the actors delivering their lines. If I stood exactly where the camera was shooting the actors, my field of vision would be so much larger taking in a much bigger vista, but by focusing on actors rather than the park, I felt my vision was being cut off. 

I would compare that to the Disneyland travel videos I have. For those, much of the time, cameras are mounted on cranes and other platforms that are mounted high and at a distance so a much larger field of view is taken in by the viewer. The park becomes the start, not actors.

So while it was nice to see Modern Family in Disneyland, if I want to see the park on television, I mean really see the park, I'd pop in a DVD of a well made Disneyland travel video. Modern Family in Disneyland is on my DVR. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler hasn't seen it yet but after she has - Delete.

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