Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming To Disney Parks - Yes, Starbucks!

Within a mile in each direction of where I write this in my home, there are at least a half dozen Starbuck's Coffee places.  They're everywhere though in recent years with families struggling to pay grocery bills one of the Starbuck's coffee stops in my area did close. Unfortunately, it was the one closest to my house and located inside a supermarket.  So much for convenience, picking up a loaf of bread and a latte.

For years there have been rumors about a Starbucks going into Disneyland, possibly taking over our beloved Market House coffee stop.  The deal was never brought to fruition with the rumor that Starbuck's really has a pretty demanding training program for the people that serve up their beverages.  If there is was going a Starbucks in Disneyland, the baristas had to go either through a Startbucks training program or if Disney was going to provide the training, it had to be up to Starbucks high standards. Disney doesn't liked to be pushed around and told what to do so no deal - until today. Differences apparently have been resolved.

For a few weeks now, Disneyland websites have reported on the rumor that there would be a Starbuck's Coffee station in the revamped Disney California Adventure located in the new Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe (yeah, the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue) on Buena Vista Street.  Like most of the best Disneyland Resort rumors, it came from MiceAge's Al Lutz whose track record on things coming true is pretty darn good.  Al went on his reporting that Disney CEO Bob Iger himself requested (well, probably more insisted) that a large tree in front of the new cafe be moved so the Starbuck's logo could be seen more prominently.  So yes, we new a Starbucks was coming to DCA but what Disney announced this morning went far, far, beyond that.  Not only is there going to be a Starbucks in DCA but also in Disneyland as well and for the heck of it, why not stick a Starbucks in the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks.  Oh yes, the iced mocha's will be flowing and the cash registers ringing.

Now I like Starbucks.  I like a Starbucks mocha or latte hot or served over ice.  Starbucks produces a fine product.  But regular readers of this blog know that I have a certain fondness for starting my Disney day with a good old fashioned cup of coffee from the Market House.  This is old school stuff, this is tradition.  I don't know where the Starbucks is going to be located in Disneyland, in the Market House? The Jolly Holiday Bakery?  Somewhere new?  All I know that if it isn't in the Market House my simple start to a Disneyland day may have to begin with a tough decision.  Crap.

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