Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can Disneyland Be Boring?

A few days ago, a frequent poster the MousePlanet.com discussion forum asked the wonderful question "Can You Ever Get Bored (at Disneyland)?".  Bingo, I was off and writing, crafting my response.  Though many of these thoughts and sentiments have appeared elsewhere in the blog over the last year, here is what I wrote this past Saturday morning.  Many very nice people from the MousePlanet community have said some kind words about it and I am most appreciative.


I didn't want to get too far into my day without responding to this question because its a good one. For me, going to Disneyland is like visiting an old friend, maybe my best friend. And like real friends, Disneyland can wear on you a bit, maybe it aggravates you at times, sometimes you feel like you've had enough and need a break. But you keep on visiting your friend because there is a warm honest connection that starts with the heart. There's a history, through the years, through good times and bad, its always been there for you to bring you smiles, laughter, comfort, and warmth. You can't beat it.

I've passed through those turnstiles many times, too many to count, with my wife, my son, other friends and family members. But it doesn't seem that many years ago that I would pass through that same entrance holding the hands of my parents. That's an experience that hard to come by and needs to be treasured. I can sit in the same Tiki Room with my family that I sat in with my parents who have long passed away. Some people go in there to look at a talking bird show. I go in there to reflect and remember a life well blessed. Boring, never.

Sometimes I just shake my head when I see people, especially young people, race by Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln saying "we've got to get to Space Mountain". Don't they know that by the time they go to SM, it will have probably broken down? Stop in and see Lincoln. Watch the hand movements on the animatronic. That is so amazing and it takes a whole team of dedicated people to create something like that. Why bother to do it - to give that amount of detail to something that is sparsely attended, doesn't bring in a cent of revenue to Disney, and many find well, boring? The answer is what makes Disneyland great, you can peel back layers, ask questions, and find amazing answers. Boring, no way.

When I've been away for awhile and make that first trip under the entrance tunnel and into Main St. I just have to stop, take a look around, and think "I'm home again". Over the years I've been fortunate enough to visit countless cities and see many things but when I return to Disneyland, I am home again and there is nothing boring about that.

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