Sunday, April 29, 2012

Countdown To The Avengers Opening

Let's see. Today is Sunday. The Avengers opens on Friday. I think that means we're down to 5 days for the eagerly anticipated return of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Incredible Hulk and a few others. I'm spending my weekend doing homework by catching up on The Avengers prequels. I've already made it through Iron Man 1 and Thor with Iron Man 2 and Captain America still to go. I need to track down a copy of the Incredible Hulk but that movie isn't as readily available since The Avengers went a different direction and brought in a new actor to play Bruce Banner (sorry, unlike the old days, I think the big green fighting machine is probably computer generated). Maybe the last remaining Blockbuster by my house has a copy.

Whether its Marvel's idea or Disney's idea, some bright people thought some momentum could be generated by opening the picture overseas. This past weekend, The Avengers has racked up $178.4 dollars in foreign ticket sales. Add the $100 million plus that corporate partners have already put into their product placements in the movie and you can see why this promises to be a box office monster. How much will it make? Hard to tell but it all starts with how good the movie actually is. If it delivers then figures in the upwards of $600 million dollar range would not be out of the question. If the movie is great, plan on a billion.

I have no plans to see The Avengers next weekend but will study the film from a distance reading the reviews and the financial write-ups that will go along with the movie. I have no desire to see a movie theater that is packed wall to wall with people. I'll give it a few days, maybe a week then head to a theater. It's always easier for me to enjoy a movie when I can actually breathe.

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