Monday, September 12, 2011

Alone in Disneyland

I'll preface my comments by saying, by definition, I've never made a trip to Disneyland by myself.  I guess that's a good thing because it proves I have family, friends, and loved ones who think enough about me to want to spend time with me because I'm not really that much of a curmudgeon or ogre.  But as things work out, I have found myself spending large amounts of time in Disneyland by myself leaving me the challenge of keeping myself entertained.  As mentioned in previous posts, Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and myself do not keep the same morning hours.  I generally get up at the crack of dawn and like to get to the park when it first opens.  She likes to sleep in and take her time getting ready.  So often there is 2 or 3 hours in the morning where I'm in the park by myself while she is off doing whatever it is she needs to do.  I also took a trip to Disneyland with my sister where, unfortunately, she became sick and had to spend a large amount of time back at the room while I wandered around the parks and lands.

So what about being by yourself in Disneyland?  Is it fun?  Can you really enjoy yourself without being around family and friends?  Like most things in life, that probably is left for individual personal preference but in my case, I know I can enjoy being in Disneyland without knowing a sole.

When I'm alone, all pressure is off because there is no agenda or schedule based on the endless answer to the question "what next?".  Alone, there is no compromise, there are no suggestions, or demands.  You set the schedule.  You set the agenda.  And it may all depend on how you feel on that particular day. Sometimes I like to grab some coffee, find a nice spot on Main St. and just enjoy the atmosphere by watching Disneyland unfold before my eyes with the sights and sounds.  Sometimes I get on the train and make a couple of trips on the "grand circle tour".  Sometimes I like to wander around shooting pictures maybe having the chance to look at a ride, or an attraction, or piece of scenery from a different angle or perspective.  Sometimes I hit the rides I know Mrs. DisneylandTraveler wants no part of (hello, Space Mountain).  There was one morning, where I hit Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain one right after the other and tossed in the Haunted Mansion to boot.  It took about 90 minutes and when I was done, patted myself on the back.  Now that's an agenda.  When I'm alone I can also pick out my own choice in dining and explore menus.  Alone, I also stay out of the stores which is a particular favorite pastime of Mrs. DLT.

But there are some things I also wouldn't do if I'm alone.  No, I probably wouldn't dine at a Disneyland table service restaurant by myself.  I probably wouldn't see a sit down show like Billy Hill or Aladdin (I have seen Fantasmic and the Fireworks display by myself, that's a bit different because basically, you just stand there).  I don't think I would go on any Fantasyland ride by myself outside of the Matterhorn because they are so small and intimate that being by yourself makes you look like some kind of loser.  But all in all, there is plenty to do to keep yourself remarkably entertained.

I've written before that when Mrs. DLT and I take our trips, they are usually for about 5 days in the parks.  I don't think 5 days alone in Disneyland would work out because without being able to share, boredom would set in.  I could see 3 days alone though.

In the end, while this post is about being in Disneyland alone, the preference is to be able to share the magic with someone you love and care about.  That's what takes a memory and makes it into an experience. So I'm grateful for all the trips that me and Mrs. DLT have been able to take, just the two of us, with our son, and with family and friends.  I've said it before that the magic begins when you see the smile on someone else's face and not just your own.

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