Friday, September 9, 2011

Mickey Mouse Must Sure Love Football

I just marvel at the size of the Disney California Adventure Expansion project.  That mountain range towering above Carsland is huge.  Radiator Springs Racers is the largest ride/attraction ever built in a Disney park. Buena Vista Street will rejuvenate the park entrance and bring it some sorely needed atmosphere and charm. The changes made to Paradise Pier have at least given that area of the park some measure have cohesion in its theming.  Yep, you can see 1.1 billion dollars hard at work.

And then yesterday, it is all put in perspective.  The Disney owned ESPN network added 8 years on to its contract with the NFL for the broadcasting rights to Monday Night Football when the current contract expires in 2014  The new contract will run to the year 2021. The cost to Disney/ESPN for its MNF contract - try 15.2 billion dollars.  That's $15,200,000,000. Disney fans are passionate about their devotion to their favorite theme park but follow the money.  Apparently when Mickey Mouse is done with his work day on Mondays during the fall and winter, he goes back to his house, puts on his favorite football jersey, grabs the remote for his TV, pops open a cold one, and watches some football.

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