Saturday, September 17, 2011

Enchanted - The Movie, Not My State of Mind

Alright, it's Friday night, the long work week is over and all the Disneyland Traveler is looking forward to is getting a good night's sleep and hopefully a refreshed start to the weekend.  Mrs. DisneylandTraveler, on the other hand, wants to rent a movie.  I tell her to check for Thor (a Marvel film - owned by Disney) so she scours the Redbox kiosks searching for the popular movie that was just released a few days ago.  No luck.  As soon as the movie becomes available, it gets reserved by someone using Redbox's online reservation system. It's appearing that a good night's sleep is going to come pretty early since getting the movie is proving to be a difficult proposition.

"What about watching one of our movies?" Mrs. DLT asks as I'm thinking it's only about an hour till I hit the sack. My reaction - what does a pirate say? - oh, yeah - "Arrrrrrr.....". "What about Enchanted?" asks Mrs. DLT.  Grumble, grumble, "Alright" as I give in to watching the movie a little after 8pm.  I'm thinking to myself, "It's not a bad movie and it's not long." Enchanted was the first Blu-Ray movie that was added to our collection.  The generous people at Disney (the movie club) gave it to Mrs. DLT free for her birthday a few years ago (plus shipping and handling).

So the movie starts.  I think this is my third or fourth time seeing the movie since we've owned a copy.  It was released in 2007.  And do you know what?  Even dead tired, I really enjoyed the movie all over again.  Clever, engaging, warm, and in the end, a movie with a lot of heart - a very enjoyable watch.  Did I mention it also isn't very long?

So I'm watching Enchanted but in the back of my mind I'm wondering what's the score of the Boise St football game over on ESPN (which is also owned by Disney)?  I couldn't remember the name of the featured actor in Enchanted.  I knew it was Patrick Something-or-Other (Dempsey) but it was bothering me because I know he is also on the TV show Grey's Anatomy on ABC (also owned by Disney) and I've seen him in a bunch of other movies through the years.  He kind of reminds me of the kind of movie actor Jon Cryer was before that Two and a Half Men thing fell in his lap.  Cryer, by the way, gets a featured voice over role in an upcoming Pixar movie (also owned by Disney).  As for the actress, well, while the movie was playing, I couldn't remember her name either (it is true what they say, as you get older, the memory is the first thing to go).  The credits at the end said Amy Adams.  Amy Adams, Amy Adams, where have I heard that name before?  I had a hunch.  After the movie finished up on the Blu-Ray player I had the machine log into YouTube (isn't technology wonderful).  I typed in the Search box "Muppets 2011 Trailer" hit play and there she was.  Amy Adams is the female lead, if you don't count Miss Piggy, in the new upcoming Muppets movie (also owned by Disney).

Also during the movie, the ball scene features the very nice ballad So Close.  I heard that song before. Where?  Where have I heard that song before?  I quickly tour through Wikipedia and it turns up that the song So Close is featured in World of Color at Disney California Adventure.  Yep.  That's where I've heard it before.

Anyway, so what did we learn from the evening?  Enchanted really is a good movie no matter how tired you are when you watch it and Disney really does own almost everything.

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