Monday, September 19, 2011

What's New in Disney News - Vol 2

Return of the Lion King
Maybe it's surprising, maybe it isn't, but 17 years after it's theatrical premiere, Disney has released a 3D version of it's animated classic The Lion King to theaters and to everyone's surprise, the movie was number 1 at the box office this past weekend. The Lion King 3D was only to have a two week run in theaters ahead of it's new Blu-Ray/3D/DVD package available in stores next month but the 30 million dollars raked in by Disney this past weekend may convince them to extend the two-week limited engagement a bit. Cheers for return of The Lion King.

WDW Fined by OSHA for Accidental Death of Maintenance Worker
The government's workplace health and safety watchdog OSHA has levied a $69,000 fine against Disney in the accidental death of a maintenance castmember working on Animal Kingdom's Primeval Whirl wild mouse coaster.  OSHA found 4 violations in worker safety while investigating the accident. Primeval Whirl has been closed since last January but opened one of its two tracks this past weekend.

Speaking of OSHA, New Guardrails Added to Golden Horseshoe
While no one has said it was OSHA, Disney has quietly installed additional guardrails on top of the decorative railing on the second story of the Golden Horseshoe.  No one has ever fallen from the upper level but in these times, they aren't going to allow someone to tragically be the first.  Guardrails are also being installed on the upper level balcony of the Hyperion Theater in DCA.  No one has been allowed to sit in the first row of the balcony for quite some time as a safety precaution.

Rumor: World of Color Holiday Show
This would be something everyone would enthusiastically look forward to - Blue Sky Disney Blog is reporting that Disney testing a special World of Color show for the Christmas holiday season.  This is unconfirmed but makes a whole lot of sense and gives hope that the WOC spectacular can be seasonally changed and modified.

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