Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Here - Halloweentime At Disneyland

Well it's finally here.  For the next 6 weeks, hoards of people will descend on Disneyland to enjoy the festivities of what Disneyland officially calls Halloweentime.  For me, I'll sit this one out.  Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and I did make it to Halloweentime last year not because of the decorations or other goings on but because the time and opportunity were there for us to make a trip.  Halloweentime was just incidental.

To put it mildly, I'm just not a Halloween guy . Never have been.  Not even as a child.  I think my last trick or treating expedition took place when I was about 7 years old.  There was something about trick or treating which I always attributed, even at a young age, to begging for food.  That's silly of course but that is genuinely how I felt and still feel to this day years later.  Mrs. DLT has always loved Halloween so there you have it, polar opposites again.

First of all, Halloween, no matter how you shake it, is not a holiday.  Nobody is given the day off because it's October 31st.  Besides, Halloween isn't even a "day".  It's a night, a few hours really.  Millions and millions of dollars are spent for a few hours of darkness activities one night a year.

All that being said, Disney knows how to do Halloween up right, especially when they realize there is money to be made.  From the front of the park and all the way up Main Street, Disneyland is colored in a sea of orange and if I had a dollar for every pumpkin they put on display, well, I could afford a real nice trip to Disneyland with plenty of extras and amenities.

The Mick finally gets an excuse to put on his purple suit.  Pretty snazzy costume although I thought I saw a movie a few years back where a New York City pimp was wearing the same get-up.

Space Mountain opens with its Ghost Galaxy overlay.  A nice touch with enhanced projections, lighting, and sound effects but unless something has changed, most Disneyland regulars think "Is a that all there is?  With a little more time, effort, (and money), this could really be a Ghost Galaxy to remember."

And the big attraction is the reopening of the Haunted Mansion Holidays.  I love HMH but not so much for the Halloween stuff.  I like Sandy Claus and Zero.  I also really enjoy the color that is brought to the venerable attraction for the holiday season when it is traditionally draped in shades of gray for much of the year.

So this is where the Halloween portion of this blog begins.  I've got 6 more weeks to write about this stuff and it all leads to a couple of hours on one night.  Is is all worth it?

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