Saturday, September 3, 2011

September in Disneyland

Entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean during 2006 refurbishment
So we've rolled right into September, summer ends and fall begins.  After this Labor Day weekend, Disneyland goes into a transitional mode.  The Halloween decorations will appear, rides go down for overlays.  Some rides go down for major refurbishment.

My friend Mike's birthday is Sept 11 (sad when your birthday is now associated with a tragic day of infamy). He plans to go down to Disneyland next Friday.  So I gave him the rundown. Haunted Mansion closed while the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay is installed.  Space Mountain closed to install the Ghost Galaxy overlay.  California Screamin' closes until sometime in October for refurbishment.  And finally, Pirates of the Caribbean (along with the Blue Bayou restaurant) closed until Thanksgiving day for its major refurbishment. "Wow, those are some of my favorites" he exclaimed.  Yep, a lot of people's favorites.  I told him to look at the bright side next weekend, as at least it will probably help to keep the crowd levels down (maybe).  I wouldn't feel too bad for Mike though.  He has lunch next Friday at Club 33 (he has friends who are members).

Anyway, over the next two weeks at Disneyland a lot will be done to prepare for the Halloweentime at the Disneyland Resort.  I think that's the official name they give to that time of year now.  I suppose Halloween will be a key feature in my blogs over the next several weeks.  Mrs DisneylandTraveler and myself were actually at Disneyland during last year's Halloweentime in September, so we have all kinds of pictures and remembrances of our time down there.  Something to look forward to I suppose but since I'm not really big on Halloween, there may be an editorial slant - be forewarned.

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