Saturday, September 10, 2011

Get Ready, the Return of the Pumpkins

I know it's only September 10th but that's never going to stop Disneyland from getting the drop on a celebration and pulling people into the park. September and October used to be such lovely times to go to Disneyland.  Sure there was some post summer ride closures and the park days are a little shorter but with the kids back in school, the summer vacationers back at work, September and October became the best of the off-season visiting time back in the day with the light crowds and good weather still prevailing. And then Halloween happened and Disney park people began to see that people really go for this Halloween stuff and there is money to be made out there. So at Disneyland, Halloween starts pretty much right after Labor Day. So with that in mind, here is the first in what I am sure are many, many, pictures of Disney pumpkins between now and Oct 31. Trick or Treat.

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