Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Sky Questions & Comments For Disney

So while I have a few minutes, here are a few questions and comments for Disney (while I'm thinking about them).

  • Your parks are great. You know it. Your fans know it. Can we please get a break from price increases for awhile?
  • I'd love to get an Annual Pass again but its gotten really expensive. Can you at least make the meal & merchandise discounts permanent? It's really an important factor in the consideration process
  • I love staying in Disney owned hotels but $$$$. Can we get some discounts? I mean real discounts.
  • Note to California Adventure. It's summer. You need more shade.
  • Can you please stop beating me over the head trying to sell me something by passing it off as something that I really need to have? No... I don't need a glow in show hat, vinylmation dolls, Duffy the Bear, or even pins for that matter. I can make my own decisions. Thank you.
  • Can you please post scheduled ride refurbishments when you have the dates set and not when you feel we have a right to know? Because of the cost of major refurbishments, closure dates are known for months if not years in advance.
  • Here's an idea, add two more entree items to every table service and counter service dining facility. 
  • Disneyland is a spectacle at night. Stop selling things that light up and annoy people trying to enjoy the view.
  • Do something with Tomorrowland - tomorrow!
  • It's getting better but can you have Disneyland and DCA keep the exact same hours? 
  • I'm old school. No more garish outdoor street parties like Mad T Party. DCA does have some unused buildings you can stick them in, granted you would have to seek out the spots selling outrageously priced alcoholic cocktails rather that having them planted in plain view for everyone.
  • Captain EO has got to go. Bug's Life and Muppet's 3D just need some new state of the art films.
  • Speaking of films, can we get a new one for Soarin' Over (and it doesn't just have to be California)?
  • Toy Story Mania really does need a fast pass distribution machine.
  • No more balloons! Sorry kids.
  • A couple of specialty food vendor trucks is actually a good idea in select locations.

Well, Disney has gotten back to me with my thoughts and questions. They pretty much said NO.

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