Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pirates Running Amuck In The Court of Angels

The photo above found on the internet is of the Court of Angels, a lovely semi-secluded area tucked into New Orleans Square in Disneyland. On a busy day, people seek a respite here where generally it is more tranquil and serene, away from the pulsating throng of the crowds. People have been known to propose marriage in this spot. If I had it to do all over again, its a thought worth considering.

So Disney, in its never ending quest to use every square foot of its Disneyland park as an opportunity sell you something, now has a better idea for the Court of Angels. Fill it full of kids sitting in chairs getting made up as pirates. It's called Pirate League and has been very successful with its run in Walt Disney World. Think of it as the pirate companion of the Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boutique where young girls get made up as princesses. Now young boys (or even young girls) can get a pirate makeover at about $30 - $35 a pop.

From what I gather, this is mostly a test run as Disney tries to determine the popularity of kids wanting to get made up as pirates (duh!) and perhaps find which of the little shops in New Orleans Square might have just the right amount of space should Pirates League go permanent (duh!). 

So another piece of Disneyland charm gets lost in the never ending pursuit of Disney sucking every available dollar from one's bank account or added to one's credit card bill. Charm out - Profits in.

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