Saturday, August 18, 2012

Suppose Disney Released A Movie And Nobody Came

No, we're not talking about Disney's movie albatross John Carter again. The problem with John Carter is people came but just not enough of them to justify its enormous cost. A couple of days ago, Disney released the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green with almost no publicity or fanfare. I don't even know what it is about other than it is some sort of live action fantasy / fable. There is absolutely no buzz about this movie anywhere really. Kind of un-Disney like. I would imagine this movie may be in and out of the theaters within a couple of weeks time with Disney hoping that it has some life in home video and rental fees. Hoping. On the the plus side, it only cost about 40 million dollars which is chump change in today's movie market (less that 5 times the John Carter budget from Disney). Again, this movie was made under a previous regime at Disney Studios. Things will definitely change.

Next up is Disney and Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, another movie I have no desire to see. Salvation comes at the end of the year with Wreck-It Ralph which looks like a sure winner.

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