Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jungle Cruise Changes - Mr. Safety Strikes Again

Disneyland seems to be all about guest safety these days and that's probably a good thing. The Matterhorn sleds were changed to make the vehicles more secure. We can disregard the fact that it also made them more uncomfortable and difficult to get in and out of. Safety first. Or another way to put it "what can we do to keep sue-happy guests with sue-happy lawyers off our back?"

Which brings us to changes made on the Jungle Cruise boats after a brief refurbishment last week. If you check out the picture above that I found on the internet, you can see the new mesh screens around the seating area designed to keep hands and arms (and small people) inside the boat. Of course, if you are 4 years old and taking your first Jungle Cruise, well, you really don't need to see anything that you won't remember when you are 40 anyway. And then there's mom and dad. Disney probably got sick and tired about hearing of dropped cell phones and cameras into the water.

The other change is that little rubber bumper that runs along the side of the boat. Actually, this is one of Disney's better safety ideas. The bumper is meant to stabilize the boat against the dock as passenger get on and get off the boat. For those advancing on in years and not quite as nimble as they used to be, the stabilizing bumpers along with the guiding arms of cast members should eliminate some of the unsteadiness of the process. Yeah, they are a bit of an eyesore but I can live with it. I'm the one who is advancing in years and not as nimble as I used to be.

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