Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Are You Doing May 1, 2015? The Avengers 2

The Mayans don't think we are going to make it to New Years Eve. There are some economists out there trying to sell books saying we are on the verge of a global economic collapse of biblical proportions. But that hasn't stopped Disney and Marvel from announcing a May 1, 2015 as the release date for The Avengers 2, the sequel to this year's 1.5 billion dollar juggernaut The Avengers. I'd circle it on my calendar (if I could find a calendar that actually has the year 2015).

May 3, 2013 seems like a date more within reason of an old guy like me. That is the release date for Iron Man 3 providing Robert Downey Jr. can recover from the foot injury he sustained while filming the movie and has forced a temporary shutdown. 

Still footage from the filming of Iron Man 3

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