Saturday, August 4, 2012

Disneyland Can Be Yours - For $87 Down and $32 a Month

With Mrs. DisneylandTraveler returning to the ranks of the gainfully employed, the Boy bringing home a paycheck from a local taco establishment, and me forever hanging in there in whatever it is I do for my real job, things are clicking on all cylinders again at the Disneyland Traveler household. We'll skip over the fact that the band the Boy plays in is one of the opening acts for Marilyn Manson at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Hollywood this month.  So as things move forward, the scheming begins as Mrs. DLT and I look towards just when we can make our next escape to the Disneyland Resort for some much needed fun and excitement (tempered by the moments of utter frustration that also occur with any visit to Disneyland). 

That last admission price hike was a bitter pill to swallow.  The annual pass that we normally get is up to $469, almost double from what we paid not too many years ago with our first go-around as annual pass holders.  I said I wasn't going to do it.  But here I am, thinking, "an annual pass, maybe not such a bad idea after all".  Yes, in this blog I think I've said that I was going with park-hoppers from now on, but I reserve the right to change my mind which I somehow seem to be doing.

Although we live 434 miles away from the Disneyland front gates (Disneyland fans keep track of things like that) we still have a California zip code.  And bless those people at Disney, they somehow conveniently offer California residents an opportunity to buy annual passes with a monthly payment option.  For our annual pass, right now (barring another price increase this year) the price is $87 down and about $32 a month per pass.  In my head, somehow that just seems a little more tolerable than shelling out close to a grand for two of them. 

Years ago, my sister and her husband were into boating.  Over many years, they bought 3 boats I think, making payments on all of them.  So in the middle of January, when boating is the furthest thing one would be thinking about, you are still making a monthly payment.  It's like that for 6 or 7 months out of the year when you have a boat, making payments on something you can't use at all. Disneyland isn't like that.  I can go to Disneyland in January with my annual pass in hand.  I might be cold, wet, miserable, irritated that half the rides in the place are closed for refurbishment, but at least I'm there.  Monthly payments for a Disneyland annual pass - better than a boat payment at least.

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