Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dog Days of a Disneyland Summer

August is one of the two months of the year that I have never been to Disneyland as I recall (the other being January). There's something unappealing about August. As a kid I remember hitting August was the start of  a countdown for going back to school as summer vacation came to an end. Nothing new happens in August. It defines the old expression of "the dog days of summer". It's flippin' hot outside and laziness hits a high note, at least for me.

Yes, when I got out of the movie theater yesterday, the Disneyland Traveler's gas sucking SUV said it was 106 degrees outside. Today is supposed to be 107. Good day to lay low. It's suppose to be 94 degrees today in Disneyland. Ninety-Four degrees probably feels like a 107 if you are inside Disneyland itself with the crowds and the smog filled moisture laden air of coastal Southern California. At least Disneyland has trees and shade. DCA's got almost nothing of the sort. So they build Cars Land, an area perfectly themed to the desert Southwest and now its hot. Nice. 

I wrote about ways to beat the heat in Disneyland last year. I won't repeat it again but you can read about it here - The Heat Is On

Disneyland slows down this time of year as well. Not a lot of news, what there is isn't very exciting. This is the end of the summer blackout period. In another week or so, the Southern California annual pass holders will once again hit the parks as the summer vacationers move out. Disneyland will begin the transformation into the Halloween season which has become big business. I don't like Halloween but at least things change in the park. 

And there will be refurbishments aplenty, small ones (Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion overlays) and big ones (the rumored Thunder Mountain Railroad and Alice in Wonderland - both closed for several months). 

And what big new announcement is out there waiting for Disney to get the word out and spike new interests in the parks going into the end of this year and into next year? Disney does a good job of keeping the fans interest running in high gear waiting for the next great thing. 

For me, I'm here to ride out the summer, lay low, and try and keep cool.

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