Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Disneyland Princesses On The Run

I know very little about the Princess Fantasy Faire Meet and Greet that gathers daily inside the cavernous Fantasyland Theater. I do know that it is hugely popular as I glance over there and see the long lines of little princesses with their parents patiently waiting (usually) to meet their favorite princess. My little MouseWaits phone app says the line is often 60 - 90 minutes long. Ouch! A wait for something that long that isn't a ride? Well, the Princess Fantasy Fair Meet and Greet got itself an eviction notice from its current Fantasyland location several months ago as plans were made to construct a new fully themed meet and greet area in the space in front of the castle formerly occupied by the Carnation Gardens Plaza. The rumored cost of the new Princess Fantasy Faire is somewhere around 12 million bucks. That area is now currently behind construction walls with an opening slated sometime after the start of 2013, assuming we all survive that Mayan end-of-the-world thing. But the time has come for the princesses to move on out as the Fantasyland Theater prepares to go back and do what it was intended to do once upon a time - present live Disney character performances in a theater setting. Personally, the area is big enough to support a new ride which would have been my preference for use of the space, but that's just me.

So the princesses basically get run out across the street and will temporarily set up shop in the small world promenade area across from the namesake attraction until their new permanent home is ready. There the princesses will continue to meet with their adoring fans complete with photographs, autographs, and of course, the selling or princess merchandise. Date for the princesses move is now set at August 12. 

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